Woman Dumps 2-Year-Old On Stranger’s Front Porch, Then Sprints To Getaway Car At End Of Driveway

by Olivia Jakiel
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It takes a very cruel person to do this to any living, breathing creature, but when it’s a 2-year-old child who has no idea what’s happening, and it’s all caught on camera, it makes it that much more sickening.

In security footage from a family’s home on October 17, you can see a woman practically dragging a 2-year-old toddler (who was later named as Royal Prince Simmons) onto the doorstep of a family’s home. The video shows her ringing the doorbell over and over again, knocking on the door, then sprinting down to the driveway, where a getaway car was waiting for her. She got into the car and it sped off down the street, while the confused toddler stood on the doorstep. The mysterious woman left him with two bags of clothes.

When a woman answered the door and found the child, she immediately called the police.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Scott Spencer said that the mother, who was in the hospital at the time, asked a friend to drop Royal off at his dad’s house. The father of the young boy, Willie Simmons, apparently lives next door. Simmons told Inside Edition, “I am angry. I am upset. Every time I watch the video, I get more and more madder, because if that was her child, she would have not left him.”

He continued, “Just imagine if my nice neighbors weren’t there. My son would have wandered into the street and got hit. Just imagine nobody would have been around. He would have just been walking.”

Thank god for Simmons’ neighbors! But also, who drops off a toddler without waiting with them to see if, you know, someone answers the door? Even if she did get the wrong house, the mix-up would’ve been easily fixed if she had just simply waited with the child.

Police are still looking for the woman, who could face charges of felony child endangerment. Check out the video below to see the chilling footage.

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