Woman And Her Dog Dress Up In Matching Costumes To Bring Cheer To Their Friends And Neighbors

by Angela Andaloro

These days, it’s wonderful to see the ways communities are coming together to support and uplift each other.

In actions big and small, we’re seeing people doing what they can to make a difference. Flannery Pendergast and her dog, Riley, are some of those people.

Flannery and Riley are a fun-loving duo. Since Flannery’s been spending more time at home with Riley since the virus has changed everyone’s schedule, the two decided to start a fun tradition. Every few days, the two dress up in matching costumes to take walks around the neighborhood. The simple way of making people smile has already brought so many a lot of joy.

Flannery decided to share their adventures in the Dogspotting Society Facebook group. She didn’t know that sharing their little idea would take off in a big way. The post has over 23,000 reactions and nearly 2,000 shares. Now Flannery has started an Instagram to keep up with her and Riley’s awesome adventures and zany costumes.

Flannery Pendergast and her dog, Riley, have a lot of fun together. The 31-year-old and Miss Riley Mae have found a new way of keeping things fun while also giving back to their community. Each week, Flannery and Riley walk around their Milwaukee neighborhood dressed in matching costumes.

Flannery adopted Riley from her local Humane Society. Her name was originally Dancer, but the dog’s smiley disposition made Riley an obvious choice for a name. Everywhere they went, Riley was smiley and a pure joy to everyone she met.

Seven years later, Flannery and Riley are still enjoying so many fun adventures together. The bond between them is magical. It’s clear that Riley found the most perfect forever home possible with Flannery.

Riley’s been dressing up for ages. Usually, it was limited to holidays like Halloween. When the two found themselves spending more time at home together, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to break out some costumes and have some fun.

By walking around the neighborhood in costume, they give everyone they pass by a chance to break out into a smile. Even if that smile is just for that moment, it can mean a lot when you’re self-isolating, depressed, or just stressed out. It’s a great reminder that even the simplest gestures can mean the world to another.

Each week, Flannery shares photos of the latest costume choice on Facebook. “It’s Friday. You know what that means … walks around the Washington Heights Neighborhood looking like weirdos to make people smile,” she shares at the beginning of each post.

Flannery and Riley have gotten really creative with their choices. They started out as fairies before moving on to dinosaurs, bunnies, and more. The people in their neighborhood have grown to look forward to the two as they embark on their silly walks together.

One week, Flannery and Riley even dressed up as graduates. At a time when so many are being robbed of these kinds of life milestones, all the little ways we can honor them really mean so much. Besides, who doesn’t want to see a dog walking down their street in a cap?

Flannery and Riley’s themes have been getting better and better. The two even found a way to celebrate Juneteenth. Riley wore an awesome sign that read “Good Girls 4 Justice” on one side and “Will Bite Racists” on the other. She melted every heart while doing so.

Flannery and Riley’s most recent costumes had them looking like ’90s rappers. The two dressed in matching Adidas-style tracksuits. With creative ideas like theirs, we can’t wait to see what Flannery and Riley’s next look is!