Woman Survives 37 Weeks Without Knowing She’s Pregnant Until She Delivers A Baby In The Toilet

by Amy Paige
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April Green of Greensboro, North Carolina, was feeling a little off. She’d gained a few pounds and had some discomfort, but nothing too major.

And when she missed her period, she wasn’t too alarmed; it’s not uncommon for the women in her family to occasionally miss their menstrual cycles.

One day, April felt sharp stomach pains and went to the bathroom. She felt something running down her leg. She didn’t know what it was or what it meant.

Moments later, April was staring down at a newborn baby girl. She had just delivered her daughter, all by herself in her bathroom, without ever even knowing she was pregnant.

April and her baby miraculously made it through 37 weeks of pregnancy with no prenatal care whatsoever.

She called her mother, Anita, still in a state of confusion, fear, and shock. “Mom, I just had a baby.”

Anita thought April was kidding and told her to stop joking around. “I’m very serious,” April replied.

“I’m thinking, when am I going to wake up? This is a dream,” Anita told WGHP. “This isn’t a dream, and I just cried because it’s a miracle.”

Footage provided by WGHP Greensboro 

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