Caring Woman Rescues Sickly ‘Dog’ Found Cowering On Her Front Porch

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

Because more and more wild areas are quickly becoming industrialized, including deserts and prairies, it’s not unusual to see coyotes creeping around cities and neighborhoods looking for food.

Sometimes they are even mistaken for their fluffy, friendly domestic counterparts like these little coyote puppies who were rescued from a parking lot.

Sharon Bertozzi thought that she had found a sad, sick puppy on her porch in California and called to get the poor thing some help. 

However, when help arrived on the scene, they discovered that it wasn’t a dog at all but a poor mangy coyote pup.

Fortunately, she was able to get help and hydration and was eventually able to recover from all of her ailments.

This lost and confused coyote just proves that humans must strive harder to protect and care for our planet and all its inhabitants.

Check below to learn more about “Princess” the coyote and her incredible rescue.

[H/T: The Dodo]

Couretesy of Sharon Bertozzi

California homeowner Sharon Bertozzi first found Princess behind a ceramic vase on her porch, looking sickly and terribly afraid. 

“My heart just ached for her,” she explained to the Dodo, initially thinking that she was a sickly little dog. 

Couretesy of Sharon Bertozzi

Bertozzi contacted City of Folsom Animal Services to see if they could remove her from the porch and get her some help.

Cindy Walden showed up to the scene to retrieve the dog, but noticed immediately that it wasn’t a dog they were dealing with. 

Couretesy of Sharon Bertozzi

It was actually a sickly little coyote who had a very severe case of mange.

“She had such soft eyes, that relayed the message of help me if you can,” explained Walden.

Couretesy of Sharon Bertozzi

Once she was removed from the porch, the poor, itchy, dehydrated Princess was transported to the Gold Country Wildlife Rescue (GCWR).

The Loomis, CA, nonprofit focuses on rehabilitating and caring for different orphaned wildlife.

Couretesy of Sharon Bertozzi

After she was given a bath and plenty of fluids, Princess looked like she was on the road to recovery.

Once she was feeling better, she was transported to the Sierra Wildlife Rescue, so that she would have other coyotes to play with.

Once at her new rescue center, she was placed with two other coyotes around her age.

They bonded immediately as a little kindred pack.

And as a final note to her harrowing little adventure, she and her friends were released back into the wild once they were all healthy enough.

Though she started out scared, sad, and thirsty, Princess was able to recover thanks to dedication of many kind souls along the way.

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