Nail Salon Turns Away Woman With Cerebral Palsy, So Walmart Employee Decides To Pamper Her

by Kim Wong-Shing
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When it comes to self-care, nothing beats a soothing manicure. But when Angela Peters decided to go get her nails done, the salon flat-out turned her away.

Angela has cerebral palsy, and the employees told her that they couldn’t serve her. Later, two women found out what happened and decided to pamper Angela themselves.

“When I went in there they denied me because they said I moved too much,” the Michigan woman told WNEM. An artist, poet, and entrepreneur, Angela uses a wheelchair to get around.

Angela often speaks with Ebony Harris, a Walmart employee, when she goes there to shop. When Ebony found out what happened to Angela at the nail salon, she decided to do something about it.

“Found out what happened and I just asked her, ‘Do you want me to do your nails?’ And she just started smiling and said yeah,” Ebony said.

Ebony skipped her lunch break and painted Angela’s nails right there at Walmart. The two picked out a polish from the store, which Ebony bought. Then they set up a makeshift nail salon at the store’s Subway restaurant.

An employee at the Subway, Tasia Smith, saw Ebony giving the manicure and snapped a few photos before helping out.

The three women are now good friends, and they’re hoping to serve as an example to others while spreading awareness.

“If you see someone that’s going through something and they need help, help them,” Tasia said.

“We’re not trying to bash anybody, anybody lose their business or anything, but create an awareness,” Ebony said.

Angela is grateful to the two women for their generosity.

“I’m making new friends at Walmart as well and they get to see my abilities too. So it’s awesome.”

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