Pregnant Mom Goes To Bathroom In Car Dealership, Then Husband Sees She Texted Him ‘I’m Bleeding’

by Mauricio Castillo
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We sometimes forget that every mom had to go through the arduous process of giving birth, sometimes in wild situations, like this woman who gave birth in a McDonald’s bathroom.

One woman delivered in the bathroom of a car dealership.

This happened to 24-year-old Amanda Sherman, who accompanied her husband Adam and their son AJ to Cochran Nissan of South Hills in Pennsylvania for an oil change.

Amanda went to the bathroom while her husband and son waited in the car. She suddenly got a weird feeling — being pregnant, Amanda came face-to-face with a shocking reality.

I went to the restroom, and after I was done, I realized that I was going to have the baby,” she said.

She quickly began to text her husband, telling him she was bleeding. She also asked that he call an ambulance. Three minutes later, she delivered the baby herself.

Adam didn’t know how to react, saying that “someone came running out and said, ‘Somebody’s wife just delivered a baby in the bathroom.’ I can’t even explain what I was thinking.”

He handed little AJ to an employee and ran to the bathroom, where he found his wife on the toilet, holding their new daughter. Apparently, the baby came out without much of a fuss.

After calling an ambulance, Adam tied the baby’s umbilical cord with his shoelace, because that was just the first thing he could think of!

Heather Lynn Sherman was born six days early at seven pounds, 12 ounces.

The dealership has noted on their website that they have a gift on the way for the happy family.

“We really needed that oil change,” Adam said. “I actually went back the very next day… They were like, ‘You’re back already?’ I said, ‘Yeah — no babies today, though.'”

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