Woman Sees Stolen Bulldog For Sale On Facebook, Goes To Thief’s Home With Envelope Full Of Paper

by Rebekka Spiller
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When Myra Masters flung open her front door last Monday evening, the metal gate on their Colorado ranch was wide open, and their new bulldog puppy was gone.

On December 5th, the Masters made the shocking discovery that her new puppy of three weeks, Flash, had vanished from their front yard.

With a house full of children, it was difficult for her to determine whether he had gone missing or if he was stolen, so she used Facebook to help in her search. Using a tip line, Masters connected with two Denver women who, according to CBS Denver newcaster Shawn Chitnis, encountered the thief while they were searching for a bulldog to buy.

After finding out that man was looking to sell Flash for $600 dollars, Masters began to device a plan. Masters contacted the man to set up a meeting and find out his location. The night prior to meeting, she and her family drove to his house and scoped it out.

The next day, she showed up at the man’s house with an envelope filled with paper and handed it to him.

“I said, ‘Here’s your $600 dollars. Enjoy it,'” explains Masters, animated, holding up a commanding finger as she continues. “’By the way, ya thief,’ I said, ‘the cops are on their way.’”

Unfortunately, the man claimed he had just found the dog, so the police weren’t able to do much more than ensure that Flash went back to his rightful home.

The family is happy to have Flash home after an exciting week. Masters says they are going to be keeping him on a much shorter leash and will leave the sleuthing for the police in the future, admitting that although things “Worked out okay, but very easily could have gone the other way.”

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