Woman Says She Was Banned From Her Gym Of 4 Years For Wearing ‘Inappropriate’ Shorts

by Amy Paige
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Brandi Labounty has been going to the same Planet Fitness location in Vermont for four years. Her daily workouts there have helped her lose 40 pounds.

The real estate agent says she has worn the same pair of gray gym shorts for a year without any issues whatsoever.

But recently, Brandi was working out at her gym when a staff member approached her.

Her shorts were deemed “too short,” and the staffer said other customers were complaining.

“There were only four other people in the gym, and Labounty said she asked all of them if they were bothered by her shorts and they said no,” Inside Edition reported.

When Brandi refused to leave, she says the staff called the cops — who came to escort her out of the gym.

The next day, Brandi lent those same shorts to her mom, who wore them at the same gym as a test. Apparently, again, the staff told her mom the shorts were too short.

Then, Brandi and her mom both received a trespassing notice from the Planet Fitness; they have been banned from that location.

Brandi says the shorts have not been an issue at her new gym.

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