Woman Allegedly Refuses To Pay For Bad Manicure And Is Arrested Trying To Flee The Salon

by Kim Wong-Shing
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When the manicurist messes up your nails, what’s the appropriate response? Is it to refuse to pay altogether?

One woman in Indiana who tried that tactic has ended up facing theft charges.

Charley Fowler refused to pay the $30 fee for her manicure, then declined an offer to have the nails fixed. The 28-year-old child therapist instead walked out without paying. Things culminated when Charley allegedly dragged an employee 40 feet across the parking lot with her car.

“You can clearly see on the video that she’s showing the manager her nails – she’s indicating that it was painful, that it was bleeding, that it was rushed, and she’s not going to pay the $30 for the service,” Charley’s attorney, Jesse Harper, told Inside Edition.

After Charley refused to pay, the employees at Diamond Nails & Spa in Valparaiso called the police. Instead of waiting inside, Charley left the salon, telling the manager “she was going to wait in her vehicle.”

Upset, a male employee chased after Charley and attempted to stop her from driving away. According to police, the employee “hung onto the vehicle’s hood and was dragged approximately 40 feet.”

Jesse claims that Charley was only trying to move her car a short distance while awaiting the police – but couldn’t she see that there was a man on the hood of the car? Charley’s lawyer says she “felt intimidated” by the situation.

When cops arrived, they placed Charley under arrest and charged her with theft.

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