Mom Hides Hair Under Hat For 6 Years, Then Finally Takes It Off On Camera While Daughter Films

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

For individuals with hair loss, both men and women alike, showing off one’s hair can be embarrassing.

For individuals with alopecia, extreme hair loss can be even harder to conceal. A woman named Cathy Johnson has been battling this autoimmune disease for six years.

As a result, she’s been hiding her hair under a hat for as long as it’s been falling out.

However, in a new video, she’s finally summoned the courage to show everyone what she’s been struggling with. On camera, she takes off her hat and shows the bald spots where clumps of her hair have fallen out.

Then, with the help of a friend, she shaves off the remainder of her hair! Though this is undoubtedly a very emotional moment for her, six years in the making, she appears to be happy that it has finally come. Her friend starts by cutting off the long strands, then shaves off the remainder of Cathy’s hair.

She says, “This is my second round with alopecia and I am done letting it control me! I need to live for me, not trying to hide it!”

What a brave move for a woman fighting a terrifying battle. Watch the clip until the end to see how much happier she looks.

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