2-Year-Old ‘Wolf Dog’ Sees Military Dad For First Time In Months, Then Goes Absolutely Bananas

by Olivia Jakiel

File this one under “The Most Majestic Reunion of All Time.”

A 2-year-old “wolf dog” named Indus got the surprise of his life after his dad, who was away for two and a half months while at basic training for the Army, came home as a surprise for the holidays.

Morgan Ekstom, Devin Ekstom’s partner, filmed the emotional reunion at Devin’s parents’ house in Northwood, New Hampshire, over the holidays. Indus, who is a husky, malamute, and timber-wolf mix, is clearly excited about the reunion. In the video, you can see him approach Devin slowly, then, when he realizes his dad is home, he goes absolutely bonkers!

Morgan, a 24-year-old medical biller, said, “Devin was so happy, and blown away by the love Indus gave him once he realized it was him.”

“I was crying along with the rest of the family,” she continued. “He’s been in the Army under a year, and goes away for 10-plus weeks at a time.”

Aww! What an emotional reunion indeed! We all know that having a loved one in the military is hard on everyone — even our beloved four-legged friends.

“He’s leaving again on January 3, for nine weeks this time,”  Morgan told Caters News.

Although Devin is leaving soon for another military stint, we’re glad the entire family was able to have a sweet and emotional reunion for the holidays.

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