Contestant Is Acting Strangely With Bizarre Letter Choices, Then Pat Realizes She’s Trying To Lose

by Barbara Diamond
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This Wheel of Fortune clip will go down as one of the strangest — and potentially most heartwarming — moments in recent game show history.

In November 2015, the iconic game show hosted Veterans Week, during which all of the contestants were heroic U.S. vets. Nura Fountano was one of the guests and took the lead as the game went into its final round.

The winning phrase was “Following Footprints,” and the missing letters became rather obvious to everyone… except for Nura. She kept yelling out the letter “Z,” and at one point she didn’t even offer a letter at all — missing her chance to answer completely.

Host Pat Sajak became visibly confused by Nura’s behavior, as did her fellow contestants.

Nura had done so well up until the final round that she ended up advancing. But before they went to commercial break, Pat approached Nura.

“You called some unusual letters in that round,” he said to her.” “That’s what I saw,” she responded.

“Well, that was an unsatisfactory answer… but she’s not under oath,” Pat said.

The reason this clip went viral is because the consensus is that Nura was trying to lose the final round on purpose. Viewers believe she knew the puzzle, but was trying to let her fellow veteran win more cash.

Twitter went absolutely crazy, while viewers at home responded in real time:

Just saw the classiest move on Wheel of Fortune. Nura threw the final puzzle to let a fellow military person win it. Much respect.

Way to go Nura! #wheeloffortune never saw someone throw a round so everyone could win some money. #share

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