British Ghost Hunter Captures An Eerie Sight Outside A Famously Haunted Prison

by Rebecca Endicott
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According to the Pew Research Center, 18 percent of all Americans believe they have seen a ghost.

But the other 82 percent of us? Well, even if you’ve never seen a ghost, that doesn’t mean you don’t believe that they exist.

Personally, I was always an avowed skeptic until I stumbled upon a truly chilling video that appears to show a spectral figure trailing behind two small boys.

These days, I’m not sure if I’m a total believer, but I definitely take a closer look when unexplained mysteries cross my path.

In fact, I think a lot of people are in my camp. We aren’t totally convinced that ghosts are real, but we are ready and willing to entertain the possibility. And that policy goes double following the latest spectral sighting making the rounds on the internet!

Chris Halton, a retired police officer and ghost hunter in the U.K., recently captured an unnerving image outside of one of Britain’s most haunted buildings, and now claims that his photo shows just a tiny facet of one of history’s most bizarre episodes.

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[H/T: The Daily Mail]

This otherworldly image was captured in the tiny village of St. Osyth in the county of Essex, behind a notorious building known as The Cage.

It might not look like much at first glance, but when Chris Halton examined it more closely, he noticed something shocking…

Chris Halton, a retired police officer and ghost hunter, was in town to pay a visit to this spooky site — which is often touted as one of the most haunted places in all of Britain, thanks to a dark and grisly history.

Today, the unassuming yellow building is used as a simple residential cottage, but it still bears a plaque commemorating its original use: a 16th-century prison used to hold suspected witches before trial.

As noted on the plaque, the prison once played host to Ursula Kemp, one of the most infamous accused witches ever captured during the 16th century witch hunts.

Born in St. Osyth, she was a local healer until she was accused of using dark magic on her neighbors and executed.

Centuries later, in 1921, two skeletons were discovered in St. Osyth, and many people believe that one of them is Ursula Kemp.

Since then, numerous people have reported supernatural experiences in and around her prison.

Now, their number includes Chris Halton, who captured his eerie photograph while walking behind The Cage after dark, down a lane known as Coffin Alley.

Halton believed it was just a trick of the light at first, but after closer examination, he is now convinced that his photograph depicts three figures in Elizabethan clothing carrying the body of a witch — possibly even Ursula Kemp herself.

Do you think this is evidence of the supernatural?

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