Mom Transforms Ugly Linen Closet Into Beautiful Storage Space

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

We all have that one little place in our house that we wish was different. Maybe it’s a dated bathroom sink with a gross green faux-marble pattern. Maybe it’s a cluttered space by the door that seems to breed endless pairs of shoes. Whatever it is, there’s probably some area of your otherwise lovely house that you just wish was a little different.

For blogger, engineer, and organizing expert Flavia Andrews of Neat House, Sweet Home, it was a big closet in the half bath (or “powder room,” as she calls it).

The closet was large, roomy, and perfect for storage, which was important in Andrews’ house, since she likes to take advantage of buying in bulk. It’s cheaper, but it requires storage, and the powder room closet was perfect for it.

“But no matter how hard I tried, it always looked cluttered and plain ugly,” she says. And she knew why. “Blame it on the wire shelving.”

The shelves were simple white wire mounted into the wall. They did their job well, but maybe didn’t look the nicest while doing it.

It’s true that closets are really purely functional, and most people keep their closet doors closed to keep the clutter out of sight.

But for Andrews, there was no reason that even a humble closet shouldn’t look nice, and a clean, well-organized closet makes it easier to find whatever you’re looking for inside.

So she decided that it was time for the powder room to get a little makeover. She didn’t go all out with paint and wallpaper, but instead, opted for a clean, modern look at a fraction of the cost.

See what Andrews did below, and see if this is something you might want to try in your own home.

It all started with a makeover in the powder room.

Flavia Andrews’ house was the place where the neighborhood kids liked to come play, and so this half-bath essentially served as a communal bathroom for little ones.

“This bathroom has been begging for some TLC for quite some time,” Andrews admits. “I mean begging!”

She gave it a facelift with some extra paint she had. It looks a lot better, but there was still part of the room that was nagging her.

It was the closet.

The closet was spacious and the perfect place for storing the supplies she bought in bulk, but it wasn’t the most attractive place.

It was full of clutter, and the utilitarian wire shelving, for Andrews, wasn’t helping either.

So she decided not only to declutter the closet, but also to give it an update that would turn it from a catch-all to a much calmer haven that would still store her supplies.

Andrews decided to also cover the wire shelving with a wood veneer, which would mimic the look of more expensive floating shelves.

She used plywood and pine board, as well as some skill with a table saw, to create custom covers for the shelves.

The wood was cut to slip over the shelves like a cover. The wood was first cut to size.

Andrews’ shelf covers were designed to be basically narrow boxes, glued and stapled together, and then stained a dark brown for a more polished look.

And the result looks a lot different!

The bland white wire shelving is still there, but is now covered with the much cleaner and more stylish-looking wooden shelves.

As for everything that would go into the closet, Andrews also wanted to cut down on the visual clutter, and so she got some decorative but functional baskets that could be placed on the shelves, and would keep different kinds of items organized.

Another basket was dedicated to Band-Aids and first aid, which is a real need, thanks to all those kids running in and out of Andrews’ house.

And of course, there was a basket for the things that didn’t seem to quite fit anywhere else.

Extra board games seem a little out of place in the bathroom, but seeing as how this room is adjacent to the family room, it makes sense!

And when the baskets were placed on the shelves, the closet really came together.

Everything Andrews and her family need is still right here in the closet, but now, it’s cleaner and calmer and doesn’t have the same chaotic feeling it once did: all thanks to a few pieces of plywood!

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