Weatherman Has Brilliant Solution To Defrosting Car Windshield

by Paul Morris
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Now that winter is back in full swing, just about everyone in the United States is dealing with those forgotten annoyances that come along with the cold weather.

But of all the things that seem to get in the way, it’s that early morning frost that comes to mind. If you’ve got the time, and gas money, most of us just start the car early with the defroster going.

But just in case you’re in a rush, one weatherman has come up with a pretty genius solution to this annoying problem! Instead of scraping away at your windshield in the freezing cold morning weather, this man is using science to melt the ice in less than a second!

All you need is a little spray bottle, with 1/3 part water mixed in with 2/3 parts rubbing alcohol (or isopropyl alcohol), and you can have your own ice-melting solution ready to go in moments. And since the freezing point of rubbing alcohol is so low to begin with, you can keep this spray bottle hidden away in your trunk for easy use anytime and anywhere.

Make sure to try your best to keep the spray just to the windshield. Long and direct contact with isopropyl alcohols may cause trouble with your paint job; just be sure to avoid spraying any painted areas, and you should be fine. And in regards to your windshield wipers, the diluted alcohol should have no adverse effects with the rubber.

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Clearing frost solution

An EASY way to clear frost off your windshield if you have to park outside at night!

Posted by WATE Ken Weathers on Tuesday, January 5, 2016