Winona Ryder Was Tortured In School Over Her Looks And Turns Tables On Bully When She’s Famous

by June Rivers
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An excerpt from Winona Ryder’s biography is currently going viral. Who doesn’t like a tale of sweet revenge?

Back in junior high school, the award-winning actress recounts, she was tortured by classmates because of the way she looked. With her short pixie haircut and love of men’s suits, Winona was the target of vicious bullying that eventually became physical.

It all started in seventh grade:

“I was wearing an old Salvation Army shop boy’s suit.  As I went to the bathroom, I heard people saying, ‘Hey, [homophobic slur].’ They slammed my head into a locker.

I fell to the ground, and they started to kick the s*** out of me. I had to have stitches.”

After Winona starred in the hit movie Beetlejuice at just 17 years old, she thought the teasing would stop. But it seemed to only get worse.

Her bullies found a way to use her iconic role against her and started calling her a witch!

Years later, Winona was able to turn the tables. She happened to bump into one of her former bullies at a coffee shop. It was one of the girls who’d kicked her on that fateful day in seventh grade.

“Winona! Winona, can I have your autograph?” the woman begged the starlet.

And Winona’s response, below, is epic.

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