Mom Is About To Open A Bottle Of Wine, Then Son Stops Her And Tells Her To Read The Label

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Announcing to a parent that they will become a grandparent in a matter of months is usually good news — in fact, it’s great new! Sons and daughters expecting children like to find creative ways to tell Mom and Dad that there’s a little one on the way. Let’s face it, though: no matter how they’re told, they’ll be excited!

One son found a sneaky way to tell his mom that his wife was expecting a baby. Luckily, he caught her awesome reaction on camera.

The mom didn’t suspect a thing when her son grabbed a wine bottle from his backpack. She thought that it was just any old wine, but her son sets her up to look at the label by asking her if she’s ever had this kind of wine before.

She glances at the label and doesn’t know what she’s looking at right away. There’s no name, just a black-and-white image.

Then she sees it: it’s an ultrasound snapshot! She can barely believe her eyes and asks her son what it means. She doesn’t want to say what she thinks out loud for fear that she’s wrong.

When the couple finally gives her confirmation of the good news, she can’t help but shed tears of joy. With a surprise like that, who wouldn’t?

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