Couple Devastated To Learn They’ll Never Have Children Enter Contest, End Up Winning A Baby

by Amy Paige
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According to, infertility is common, and about 10 in 100 women in the United States have difficulty becoming pregnant or staying pregnant.

Since in vitro fertilization (IVF) can be incredibly costly, growing a family can sometimes feel like an impossibility.

Krista and Anthony Rivera were ready to have children. But the hardworking middle school teacher and youth baseball coach had their dreams seemingly shattered by an unexpected diagnosis.

Just a few months into their efforts to start a family, Anthony learned he had testicular cancer.

He underwent chemotherapy, only for his cancer to return.

That’s when doctors dropped another bombshell on the already emotionally depleted couple.

The Riveras learned they would not be able to conceive children naturally.

“It was hard enough having to see my husband go through that and worry about the future with him and then to know that we probably couldn’t have children was just heart-wrenching,” Krista told CBS.

Krista and Anthony decided to freeze his sperm and push their lives forward as best as possible.

Then in 2017, the Riveras heard about a contest being held by Jason “Big Mama” Jones, a radio DJ based in Cape Coral, Florida.

Krista and Anthony entered the radio contest, not knowing that one simple decision would change the course of their lives forever.

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