11 Menu Items Guests Ate And Drank At William And Kate’s Royal Wedding

by Jess Catcher
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On April 29, 2011, Prince William and Kate Middleton officially tied the knot at their royal wedding.

Millions of viewers cheered them on all across the globe, but those lucky enough to be invited to the nuptials got an even better look at the loving couple exchanging “I do’s.” However, of the 1,900 guests present at the ceremony, only 300 were invited to the join the Windsors for their dinner celebration later that evening.

You might assume it was a lavish menu of decadent dishes from the palace chefs. In reality, the dishes were surprisingly modest.

Details of the three-course spread were revealed in a 2015 auction of the menus, which sold for a whopping $1,250.

Take a look below to see the food and drinks William, Kate, and their closest family and friends enjoyed before the royal couple were whisked away on their honeymoon.

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Thumbnail Photos: YouTube / BBC // White House Archives

1. Marinated Salmon


Although we don’t know what exactly the fish was marinated in for the first course, the menu does reveal that it was delivered from South Uist in Scotland.

2. Crab And Langoustines


The crab made its way to the royal reception from Lyme Bay, an area near the English Channel, while the langoustines traveled from the Hebrides archipelago in Scotland.

3. Fresh Herb Salad


Knowing what an avid gardener William’s dad is around the palace, I wonder if Prince Charles provided the herbs for this side dish himself.

4. Organic Lamb


The meat kicked off the second course of the menu after making a long trip from the Scottish Highlands, specifically a town called Mey in the northernmost area of the island.

5. Spring Vegetables


The seasonal veggies were plucked from the Royal Gardens at Highgrove, which is located to the west of London.

6. English Asparagus


The yummy side dish was topped with something called “sauce Windsor,” which I can only assume is similar to the traditional hollandaise, but with a royal twist.

7. Jersey Royal Potatoes


Sadly, there weren’t any details on exactly how the kitchen prepared the starchy dish for the big day, but chances are the special sauce Windsor made an appearance on these as well.

8. Honey Ice Cream

honey ice cream

The dessert course featured a trio of tasty treats for guests to choose from, starting off with this sweet frozen option.

9. Sherry Trifle


It wouldn’t be a royal affair without this traditional English dessert making an appearance, now would it?

10. Chocolate Parfait


Obviously, no celebration is complete without scrumptious chocolate to end the night.

11. Mint Tea

mint tea

Specific wines were selected for each course, ending with Laurent Perrier rosé. Guests were also able to choose between coffee or refreshing mint tea before heading home.

Were you surprised by any of the food and drinks served during Will and Kate’s royal wedding?

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