Royal Source Says William And Harry Talk To Wives About ‘Everything’ Instead Of To One Another

by Stephanie Kaloi

As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle move into their private lives, more details are being revealed about the reportedly strained relationship with Harry and his brother, Prince William.

Recently, a palace source explained to Us Weekly that the two brothers just have different ways of dealing with things, and that might be part of the problem. “Harry’s more sensitive and emotional than William – he takes everything so personally. He can be rather impulsive at times. Harry wants the world to know that no one should suffer in silence, which is why he opened up about [his late mother] Princess Diana and going to therapy.”

The source also said that William is more logical.

“He doesn’t let things get to him, like Harry does,” the source said. “That’s not to say William has a heart of steel — he’s actually an incredibly loving and kind man, he just has a different way of dealing with emotions and is more level-headed than his brother.”

The insider also noted that the brothers definitely have one thing in common: They both confide in their wives a lot. “If William has a problem, he’ll talk to Kate about it. William confides in her about everything.”

The source went on to say that William and Harry definitely had a falling out in October 2019 and have only spoken “a couple times” about “business matters” since then. Like William, Prince Harry has been turning to his wife for everything.

“She knows everything about her husband and is constantly advising him. He first opened up to Meghan about the trauma he went through dealing with his mom’s death shortly after they met – it was during their trip to Africa.”

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