Princess Diana Rejected The Totally Different Names Charles Wanted To Give Their 2 Sons

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William and Harry are two of the most recognizable names in the world. Whenever I hear them, I immediately think of the two princes.

But what if they had different names? Would those names be just as iconic?

As it turns out, the two princes were nearly named something entirely different.

In 1992, the book Diana: Her Story was released by author Andrew Morton. In a recorded interview that was written into the book, the “People’s Princess” revealed something shocking.

Prince Charles had very particular names in mind for their two sons, but Diana disagreed.

In the end, Diana won out, and William and Harry were given their now iconic names when they were born.

Keep scrolling to find out what William and Harry might have been named, and why Diana decided to go with her choice instead of her husband’s.

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Diana and Charles' wedding

Princess Diana and Prince Charles had a famously tumultuous relationship. Many parents have struggled to agree on their child’s name, but for the prince and princess, that problem was on a much larger scale.

princess diana with william

Their first born son would probably be the future King some day. That meant his name had to be regal — and sound nice with “King” in front of it.

Often, royal names are passed down in the family. There are quite a few Elizabeths, Victorias, and Philips in the British royal family.

young william and harry

Once born, the two royal sons were named William Arthur Philip Louis and Henry Charles Albert David. But those weren’t the names their father, the future King, had wanted.

young william and harry

In Diana: Her Story, Lady Di revealed that she chose the boys’ first names. Charles originally wanted to name his sons Albert and Arthur.

Diana was steadfast in her decision to name the boys William and Harry, but she did let Charles choose their middle names. William ended up with Arthur as one of his middle names, and Harry with Albert.

william and harry

I like the name Arthur a lot, and I think Albert is cute, too. But William and Harry have definitely grown into their names. According to PopSugar, the King can take any royal name he wants upon his coronation, so William can still choose to be called Arthur when he’s crowned. It is expected that his father, Charles, will choose to be called King George VII.

william harry and kate

Do you think Prince William should stick with his name when he becomes King, or give Arthur a try?

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