Will Smith Surprises Retiring Receptionist Whom He Met At The Very Start Of His Career

by Angela Andaloro

One retiree got the surprise of her life on her last day of work. Anita Scipio was a receptionist at iHeartRadio.

She was looking forward to starting her retirement and never imagined the surprise in store for her during her last workday.

Will Smith popped in to surprise Anita as her coworkers were bidding her farewell. He gave Anita a big hug as she recalled the day they met more than 30 years ago. “You came in, you were just getting started,” Anita says in the video. “And I met you then for the first time and now to have you back again it’s full circle.”

Later in the video, Will calls her “mama,” and she practically squeals with delight.

Will Smith just called me mama!” Anita cried out.

“You made my day,” she told the rapper turned actor.

“You go out there and you make sure you have some fun,” Will urged her.

Will shared a video of the moment on Instagram. “I met her at the front desk before one of my VERY FIRST interviews of my career … and yesterday I was lucky enough to see her off into retirement 30 years later,” he captioned the video. “She said I made her day. Y’all … she made MINE.”

Anita also posted a video of the encounter online. “Stuntin’ 4 Da ‘Gram w/ the Fresh Prince! Reunited & It Feels So Good! @willsmith #sweetheart.”

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