Mom Gives Birth To 2 Babies With Completely Different Disabilities

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Any couple who has had a child or a few children is familiar with the joy that comes with the birth of these babies.

Fear, excitement, and happiness are all experienced at the same time.

But for many parents, fear takes over: They find out about their child’s disability, whether it be mental or physical. They wonder if their child’s life will be “normal” — if they survive birth at all.

Katie Butts and her husband didn’t just experience this fear once, but twice.

They were shocked to learn that their first child, Will, was suffering from a rare syndrome that causes the malformation of hands and feet in the womb.

The parents feared that he would be limited in many ways. But after Will was born at CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Health System, they realized that they had to stop thinking about his life in terms of limitations, but in terms of possibilities!

But nothing could have prepared the Butts family for what was to come.

During her second pregnancy, Katie was expecting a girl. Then, she discovered that her baby girl would be afflicted with another, different condition that would limit her range of motion. This time, though, doctors were unsure if little Ellie would make it out of the womb.

With some perseverance and hope, not only did the little girl survive, she thrived! She and her brother are as happy as can be, and aren’t letting their disabilities hold them back. In fact, they’re even exceeding expectations for their conditions.

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Credit: CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Health System / Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Miracle Child

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