Real People Open Up And Share Some Of The Wildest And Weirdest Ways They’ve Found Love

by Angela Andaloro

Love is mysterious. You never know when it’ll strike. For some couples, love comes when you least expect it.

For others, they’ll go to some pretty interesting extremes to find the right person. Inside Edition followed some of those interesting, wacky stories to find out how people have found love.

There’s one man who decided the best way to find love was to host his own Bachelor-esque competition. When you’re a millionaire, you can do things like that. He put up billboards about the competition with the help of a Mormon dating website and got over 2,500 responses.

He narrowed it down to 20 women, who arrived at a Utah country club to compete. The women signed an NDA, so we’re not sure whether or not the mystery millionaire met his match.

Another woman took a more direct approach. She walked the streets of New York City wearing a wedding dress, telling men that she wanted to get married. She also took pictures in the dress doing her favorite things, which she later added to her dating profile.

“My old profile was far more kind of standard, rigid, more serious. You know, less of me,” she explained. “I have to say, I am being super honest and it feels great.”

A comedian took a similar approach, wearing a wedding dress on first dates to gauge men’s reactions. While most men were terrified, she later revealed it was for a bigger reason. She staged the dates and caught the reactions on camera to raise money for cancer research.

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