Wildebeest Is Dying On The Ground, Then His Friend Is Captured Getting Him To His Feet On Camera

by Jess Butler
Jess is a curly-haired Jersey girl who adores penguins and watches the worst reality shows on TV.

It isn’t every day that we see a wildebeest. Seeing a wildebeest save the life of a dear friend is even more rare.

In this video posted on December 7, 2016, two wildebeests, large animals native to Africa, are by the side of a road.

Something doesn’t look right. One wildebeest is standing and the other is sprawled on the dirt, motionless.

The standing wildebeest wrestles the dying animal in front of him with his antlers. Then, noting the wildebeest is unresponsive, he jumps up and takes a step back. It hits him that his friend is in trouble and most likely near death.

The wildebeest pauses for a moment, then begins to fight for his fallen friend’s life.

He dives underneath the dying wildebeest’s head and keeps nudging the injured animal upward. With each head lift, the dying wildebeest’s head comes crashing back down.

With a strong thrust, the wildebeest is able to flip his friend up and over, but once more, he collapses onto the ground. The dying animal cries painful moans as his friend tries to help him.

The wildebeest stops. He isn’t sure what to do. He decides to keep trying.

The wildebeest continues his attempts, now from behind his helpless friend. The head butts grow stronger and more aggressive. They seem almost harmful. After a fierce flip, the wildebeest is able to pop his antlers underneath his troubled friend’s belly. He takes the chance and runs with it.

The wildebeest puts everything he has into his final nudge and bursts his head and antlers up, throwing his friend’s body up into the air.

His friend seems startled but digs his feet into the ground. From there, he and the wildebeest who saved his life are able to run away to a safer place.

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