I Spoiled My Dog With Bougie Dog Gear From Wild One And I Don’t Regret It

by Rachel Gariepy
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My dog Zephyr recently turned 3, and because I am such a doting dog-mom, I wanted to spoil him with some cute swag.

The thing is, I’m picky. I didn’t want to shop the normal gear you might find on just any dog-friendly website. I was in the market for something a little bit more … modern. That’s when I stumbled upon Wild One. This stuff was different from any other pet product I had seen anywhere else online. It looked cool, fashionable, and dare I say chic?

Something that really appealed to me about the Wild One site is the ability to purchase a pup starter kit with just one click.

The starter kit includes things like a collar or harness, leash, poop bag carrier, memory foam bed, two bowls, some highly durable chew toys, and three bags of sustainably sourced treats.

zephyr wild one
Courtesy of author

When all of my Wild One swag appeared at my door, Zephyr could just tell those boxes were for him, and he flipped out. As you can see he was very proud of all his new gear!

Here’s what is included in the kit.

Signature Collar

Signature Collar

An all-weather collar that’s easy to clean and looks like something Anna Wintour might dress her pooch in? Don’t mind if I do! Zephyr looks dashing in his brand-new Wild One collar!

Durable Leash

wild one leash

My dog is pretty well-trained, but from time to time he does like to pull on walks. Especially when there are squirrels nearby. As soon as I took him out for a spin with this new leash, I knew it was a smart purchase. The nonslippery grip makes it easy to keep ahold of my excitable pooch!

Poop Bag Carrier

poop bag carrier

Whoever thought a poop bag carrier could be this adorable? Not only is this little accessory super cute, but it’s also super handy. I’ll never get caught without a baggie again!

Memory Foam Bed

wild one bed

A mattress fit for a king! My dog looks pawsitively lux on this king-sized memory foam mattress. The good news is maybe he’ll start sleeping on his own bed now instead of wedging himself between me and my husband on sweaty summer nights!

Water and Food Bowls

wild one bowls

If my dog has to eat off the floor, he might as well do it in style. These dishwasher-safe dishes feature a nonslip base and have a four-cup capacity.

Twist Toss Toy

twist toss toy

Not only does this toy look like it belongs in a modern art museum, but my pooch loves it! Great for a toss, it also has space for treats or peanut butter, and you can stick it in the freezer to make it even more enjoyable for your pup!

Triangle Tug Toy

triangle tug toy

Are you sure this isn’t some new accessory right off the runway at New York Fashion Week? My dog can’t stop nudging me to play tug of war now that he has this fun toy in his arsenal!

Bolt Bite Chew Toy

bolt bite chew toy

Fill this thing with treats and pass it to your dog. Chances are he’ll leave you alone for at least an hour, at least that’s the case with my happy pup! I love it because it’s strong enough to withstand the strength of my dog’s massive jaw, and that’s saying a lot. He’s a dissector. Anyone with a pit bull will know exactly what I mean!

Cage-Free Chicken Tenders

chicken treats

These single-ingredient chicken tender treats are made with cage-free, non-GMO chicken from a farm in Georgia. Zephyr absolutely adores them, and I know they’re healthy for his system!

Sweet Potato Treats

sweet potato treats

Another single-ingredient treat my dog enjoys. These are made with non-GMO sweet potatoes, and they are high in dietary fiber and packed with antioxidants.

Fish Puffs

fish puffs

OK, so maybe fish puffs don’t sound all that appetizing to you, but my dog would literally beg to differ. Honestly, these are his favorite thing, and I save them for special occasions, like when he politely walks past another dog on leash without getting too jumpy!

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