Wild Horse Rushes To Reunite With Long-Lost Soulmate In Time To See She’s Pregnant With His Baby

by Amy Paige
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In October 2017, government helicopters flew over a herd of beautiful wild mustangs, corralling them into a holding pen. This is something commonly done by the Bureau of Land Management in an effort to give cattle ranchers more space for their herds.

As a result, wild horses are often torn apart from their families to be either auctioned off or sent to separate farms or sanctuaries.

A 26-year-old wild horse named Goliath desperately tried protecting his herd during the raid, but to no avail. He and his mate, Red Lady, were taken to different locations. They thought they were fated to never see each other again.

Goliath ended up at a holding facility in Utah. Red Lady was transferred to the Skydog Ranch in Oregon.

Clare Staples, the founder and president of Skydog Ranch, was determined to reunite Red Lady with her beloved Goliath — but it would be no easy feat. The Skydog Ranch site says that “often the horses rounded up have no history documented on them to figure out what stallion is with what mares and family bands are almost impossible to reunite.”

Thanks to tireless efforts, hours of research and investigation, and lots of selfless donations, Clare and her team were able to track down Goliath, win his auction, and bring him back to Skydog.

In March 2018, the team waited with baited breath as Goliath reunited with his soulmate. Would the horses remember each other after six months apart?

“These two horses had been together in the wild for years but it was possible that they would not remember each other and be indifferent BUT when Goliath spotted Red Lady he ran the entire length of three football fields to reach her,” Skydog recounted. “It was the most incredible sight and if anybody every doubted the bonds these horses make they were gone after this reunion.”

Then Goliath did something that made everyone shed a tear: He nudged her belly with his nose as if he knew she was pregnant with his foal.

And guess what? Goliath was right. Red Lady had been carrying his baby all along!

Not only did the pair recognize each other and continue where they left off, but they got to welcome the birth of their foal together.

See the tear-jerking reunion between Goliath and Red Lady in the video below.

Video Credit: Skydog Ranch Sanctuary / American Wild Horse 

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