Husband Starts Recording Wife After Surgery, But Loses It When She Says He’s Pregnant

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

I could not keep myself together during this video, and neither could this woman’s husband!

She went into surgery for a minor hernia issue. As she was coming off the anesthesia during the ride home, her husband decided to start recording.

At first, she was just calling him beautiful. Eventually she added that he was “glowing.” That’s when he decided to get the camera out.

But as he hit record she made a swift transition to telling him he was pregnant!

Clearly, that’s untrue, but with the drugs and her loopiness, she was completely convinced he was going to be the first male to get pregnant — and that they were going to have a baby, birthed by him!

The husband hilariously tries to go along with the conversation. You can tell how in love they are when she starts to say they’ll get through it together.

He can barely keep it together, and I’m sure once she recovered and saw this video herself, she had a hard time keeping it together, too!

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Warning: Some of the language in this video is inappropriate for children.

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