Wife Spends $71 And Transforms Her Entire Laundry Room In 2 Days While Husband’s Away

by Nicole Cannizzaro
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Rachael Ray never fails to make us smile with comfort food, sweet guests, and great life tips and tricks. Her talk show keeps us smiling, hungry, and ready to do it ourselves.

In this episode, though, she’s the one who learns along with us from a smart and savvy wife named Tasha!

Tasha was ready to redo her laundry room in her and her husband’s new house, but he didn’t want her to do it. Apparently he thought it wasn’t necessary, and he probably wanted her to save money for something else because no one really sees or cares about the laundry room.

But if you’re a woman doing laundry, it’s a different story.

Who wouldn’t want to make the place they spend the most dreaded hours of their day brighter and cheerier? Or even just more organized!

So, against her husband’s wishes and with some playfulness and determination in mind, Tasha got to it.

When her husband worked a double shift, she redid her entire bathroom for under $100.

She got new floors and countertops and transformed the entire laundry room for just $71.

Rachael is in shock, and you will be to! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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