Loving Widower Honors His Wife By Planting Four Miles Of Sunflowers

by Emerald Pellot
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If you’re driving down Wisconsin State Road 85 you may notice a little more sunshine these days. The corn and soybeans that normally grow have made a few friends with a 60-foot-wide sunflower strip tallying in at four and a half miles long.

The touch of yellow isn’t just for decor. Don Jaquish has planted them as a tribute to the love of his life: Babbette.

Babbette passed away last November, succumbing to cancer, and though it has not been easy, Don doesn’t plan on forgetting his beloved any time soon. What Don is doing reminds me of this inspiring message about lost loved ones.

“She’s always loved flowers, but sunflowers were her favorite,” Don said. The memorial crosses five farms and his neighbors don’t mind one bit.

“They all loved her,” he said. “There wasn’t anyone that ever met her that didn’t love her.” But that’s not where the love ends.

Don is selling bags of sunflower seeds with her face and name on the bag, the proceeds will support other cancer patients. The idea was all Babbette’s.

“She was a pretty modest person and I’m not so sure she’d want her picture on the bag,” smiles Don. “But she’s such a beautiful woman. She didn’t really know how beautiful she was, inside and out.”

If you’re having a hard time understanding how in love these two were then you have to read the letter she left him. Don didn’t find it until four months after she died, folded up in a fodler.

“You move on and live each day,” Babbette wrote. “Feel me in the morning air, and when you wake up and make your coffee. I will be there always.”

“What we had is as good as it gets,” Don said of their relationship. It sure looks like it.

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