Strangers Pay Mortgage For Widowed Dad Whose Wife Died After Childbirth, Leaving Him With 5 Kids

by Amy Paige
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On April 18, 2019, McKenzie Shear gave birth to her fifth child, a beautiful son named Ridge.

What many people didn’t know was that McKenzie was suffering from multiple health issues, including a blood disorder.

Just one day after giving birth to Ridge, she suffered from a severe blood clot that ultimately took her life before she could hold her new baby.

McKenzie’s husband, Cassidy, was thrust into single parenthood as a grieving widower. It’s been only a few months since the devastating loss of McKenzie, yet he’s already back to work so he can secure insurance and stability for his five children. He also wants to ensure his family can stay in their gorgeous Utah house; they had just recently moved into McKenzie’s dream home.

These days, while Cassidy works full-time at a car dealership, both his mom and McKenzie’s mom take turns watching baby Ridge. “He has not complained once about all the responsibility that has been put on his shoulders,” McKenzie’s mom told KSTU.

One day, a stranger pulled up to Cassidy’s dealership during his shift. The “customer” said there was something wrong with his truck.

In actuality, the customer was a member of the Fox 13 Dream Team. He popped open the trunk to reveal a collection of baby formula, diapers, and tons of supplies for Cassidy and his newborn son.

Cassidy’s family and friends also gathered there to surprise him… and there was one last gift in store for the deserving dad.

Footage provided by KSTU Salt Lake City

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