Wife Dies Hours After Giving Birth, Then Husband’s Gut Tells Him To Log Into Her Pregnancy Blog

by June Rivers
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Matt Logelin felt overwhelming joy when he saw his newborn baby daughter being born. But within hours, he was living a horrible nightmare.

Matt and his high school sweetheart Liz were together for eight years before they got married. When the happy couple learned they were pregnant, Liz started a blog to chronicle her pregnancy for their loved ones living out-of-state.

Liz had a difficult pregnancy and had been on bed rest for five weeks. The blog served as a great way to keep their concerned friends and family updated along the way.

In March 2008, baby Madeline was delivered by C-section seven weeks early. Liz briefly got to see her baby, but the doctor told her to stay in bed for another 24 hours before she could hold her for the first time. The following day, Matt was preparing to walk Liz out to see Maddy when she suddenly collapsed on the floor.

Liz died of a massive pulmonary embolism just 27 hours after giving birth.

Matt didn’t know how to live without Liz, let alone be a single parent.

In the wake of his wife’s tragic death, Matt felt a sudden impulse to sit down at the computer. He logged back into Liz’s pregnancy blog and just started typing in the same space where she once expressed her own emotions.

Matt poured out all of his emotions, fears, and triumphs as a widower and a single, first-time dad. He kept going back to the blog, day after day. And within months, something amazing began to take shape.

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