Students Surprise Widow Who Waves At Them Every Day

by Emerald Pellot
Emerald Pellot graduated summa cum laude from New York University with a degree in Writing & Popular Culture. She worked as Senior Editor of College Candy for 2 years, covering feminism, popular culture, and college life before joining LittleThings in 2015. Based in New York City, Emerald covers a wide range of topics from human interest pieces to celebrity news.

Tinney Davidson and her husband had a daily ritual. Each morning, lunchtime, and late afternoon they would joyfully wave at students on their way to and from school.

At first the kids thought it was bizarre. Who were these folks waving at them for no reason? Then the kids realized, it wasn’t so strange after all. It was actually kind of nice. It was a small show of affection and sincerity that brightened up their day.

Over the years, students became accustomed to and looked forward to waving back. After Tinney’s husband died, the widow continued the tradition.

“I love it,” she says. “And they seem to like it also. So it’s been a fun few years.”

One day the students invited Tinney to come over to the school. They bombarded her with gifts, letters of love, and kind wishes. An entire assembly was dedicated solely to her. Tinney could not believe it. It was all tears, tears, tears.

“I’m overwhelmed by all of this. It’s wonderful,” Tinney said.

Sometimes something as small, as seemingly microscopic, as a wave from a window can catch you off guard. It’s a shame that kindness has become so unrecognizable it can be uncomfortable. But when we look a bit closer, we realize that it is truly these tiny gestures of solidarity and love that make the world a better place.

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