Widow Looks For Sign From Late Husband When Piece Of His Identity Comes Back After 20 Yrs

by Amy Paige
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Lemuel “Lem” Finlay was not just a husband and father but also an experienced flight and ground paramedic who was pursuing his degree as a registered nurse.

Lem happily dedicated himself to saving the lives of others.

In June 2016, the Finlays’ world came crashing down when Lem died from a tragic ATV accident. He left behind his wife, Dawn, and their two young kids, both under the age of 10.

As time passed, Dawn and the kids always kept an eye out for small “signs” and tokens — reminders that Lem was still with them in spirit.

That’s where a couple of complete strangers come in.

Crystal Marez and her husband Anthony are metal detector hobbyists who spend their free time hunting for coins.

It was a big deal when they uncovered a ring with an actual name inscribed on it.

The ring had been buried under a local playground for the past 20 years. Instead of pawning off their discovery or keeping it for themselves, Crystal and Anthony decided to try to track it back to its rightful owner: Lem.

Dawn was about to learn her beloved late husband was ready to show her a “sign from heaven.”

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