Widow’s Refrigerator Breaks Down, Then Neighbor Ambushes Her With A New One

by Emerald Pellot
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Anita Dickenson has been friends with her neighbor, Tuanjai Nyberg for 20 years. The two worked together, and five years ago, they were both fired from their jobs.

Anita and Tuanjai supported each other through the difficult time. Tuanjai even says that after her husband, a veteran who served 35 years, died, it was Anita who stepped in to take care of her.

“She always come take care of me,” Tuanjai says. “My husband passed away long, long time ago.”

Tuanjai’s refrigerator stopped working. Anita knew she couldn’t fix the problem on her own. She asked for help wherever she thought she could find it. No one responded except for the Fox 5 Surprise Squad.

When they showed up with the reporters, Tuanjai was stunned. They gave her flowers, chocolates, and a $250 Smith’s gift card.

Then they told her to go outside, onto the street. There it was waiting for her: a brand new refrigerator. Not only that, there was a group of men there to bring it in and install it for the elderly woman.

“I have called several people because I can’t do it myself. You always call people and you always wonder if they’re going to show up or do anything for you. You’re the only ones who showed up, so I appreciate you guys,” Anita said.

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