Widow Turns 102 While Getting Kicked Out Of Her Home To Make Room For Landlord’s Daughter

by Amy Paige
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Thelma Smith just celebrated her 102nd birthday. She was surrounded by friends and enjoyed a big birthday cake with red flowers and vanilla icing.

Thelma has been living alone in Ladera Heights, California, ever since her husband passed away. She has lost many other loved ones over the years. As you’ll see, however, she has certainly maintained a zest for life.

At this point in her life, Thelma deserves to enjoy her golden years with rest and relaxation. Instead, in the midst of reaching her 102nd birthday, she’s being evicted from her home — so the landlord can move his daughter in as soon as she graduates law school.

Yep — Thelma received an eviction notice and is being forced to find a new home by June 30, 2019.

Making matters even more difficult is that fact her remaining family members live on the East Coast, and she doesn’t have much financial support. Family and friends say her options are limited, and they are now coming together to try to convince authorities to get involved.

Despite her cheerful disposition and endearing nature, it’s the uncertainty of where she’ll end up next that concerns Thelma most.

CBSLA‘s Amy Johnson spoke to the landlord in question: “We know legally you can make her leave but 102? Would you kick out a 102-year-old woman?”

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