A Vet May Have Finally Cracked The Code As To Why Dogs Get ‘The Zoomies’

by Kim Wong-Shing

You may or may not have heard the term “zoomies,” but if you have a dog, you’ve definitely seen them. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, your dog gets a huge burst of energy. They run — or zoom, if you will — all over the place at high speeds. They’re not going anywhere; they’re just running! Really fast! For a while! Sometimes, they wrinkle your carpet or kick up mud in the process, but they seem so delighted, it’s hard to stop them.

But even though we’ve all seen the zoomies, most of us have no idea where they come from. What are our pups even doing? Why do they zoom at some moments, and not others? Animal experts weighed in.

While the exact cause of the zoomies is unknown, there are certain events and emotions that trigger the zoomies. The technical term for this silly behavior is “frenetic random activity periods,” or FRAPs.

“FRAPs are a totally normal release of pent-up energy,” Dr. Rachel Barrack of New York City’s Animal Acupuncture, told Chewy. Zoomies are a sign that your dog is physically healthy and has lots of energy to spare — a good thing!

While there’s nothing wrong with the zoomies, there are certain places where it’s not safe for a dog to be zooming around. If your dog starts zooming around a slippery surface or a crowded room, don’t fret — there’s a certain tactic you can use to get them to safety.




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