Parking Lot TV Clip Captures Exactly What Everyone Wants To Do When Their Car Gets Scratched

by Paul Morris
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It’s happened to just about all of us, we’re either sitting in our car or we walk up to our car and we realize that someone was so clueless that they opened their own car door and dinged our car!

As infuriating as the lack of self-awareness is, the ding usually results in barely any noticeable damage, but this really is one of those cases where “it’s the principle of the matter!”

The popular television show “Malcolm in the Middle,” perfectly captured exactly what you feel like doing whenever someone dings your car with their door. While we would never suggest you actually do the outrageous things that happen in this hilarious clip, it sure would feel pretty nice just to do it as long as no one got hurt!

It starts off innocently enough, the woman bangs her door into the side of the mom’s car. Mom is mad, but only because the rude lady didn’t apologize. Eventually they begin smashing their doors as hard as possible into each other’s car before they end up having a full on demolition derby in the middle of the parking lot!

Once again, you definitely should not do the crazy stunts they pull off in this hilarious video, but it really would feel pretty nice wouldn’t it? Just for a moment it would feel pretty great until you realized how much your insurance premium would go up by!

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