Whitney Way Thore Claps Back At Trolls Who Accuse Her Of Photoshopping Her Pictures

by Angela Andaloro

There are quite a few celebrities who overdo the Photoshopping in pursuit of the perfect picture. Whitney Way Thore has no problem letting you know that she isn’t one of them.

The 35-year-old star of TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life recently posted a photo on Instagram of herself and her boyfriend in celebration of his birthday. Trolls instantly took to the picture and accused Whitney of Photoshopping herself in the photo.

Whitney was outraged at claims she was trying to make herself “look thinner.” The irony wasn’t lost on the reality star, who is used to being criticized for being too heavy and has come under fire for not losing weight.

As the comments poured in, Whitney found the perfect way to disprove their claims. She posted a screenshot of her phone’s camera roll. The screenshot shows the picture among other pictures taken at the same time. The identical photo and Whitney’s caption were the ultimate clapback.

Whitney Way Thore has learned a lot about public perception during her time in the spotlight. Whitney became a public figure after she appeared in the viral video “A Fat Girl Dancing.”

The video (and Whitney’s outrageous personality) led to Whitney getting her own TLC series. My Big Fat Fabulous Life first aired in January 2015.

The show chronicles Whitney trying to get back to an active lifestyle after a health condition caused her to gain 230 pounds. Throughout the show, Whitney works on learning to love her body regardless of its size.

Whitney’s dedication has never been fixed to a goal weight or an ideal body type. Instead, she is focused on living a happy, healthy life and managing her conditions.

Whitney has always been transparent with fans. She often posts videos of herself working out on her social media accounts.

Apparently, internet trolls had something to say about that. Whitney started getting comments and messages asking why she wasn’t losing weight and accusing her of not presenting the full picture of her lifestyle.

Whitney put together a thoughtful response that she posted alongside this picture. In the caption, she explained that she is doing her best, but she isn’t obliged to share every moment of her life with the public.

Whitney addressed her trolls once again a few months later, after receiving criticism for deleting negative comments. She wrote: “My digital spaces are also my home — they’re mine… When you come into my space, I can make you leave. This doesn’t mean I can’t handle a contrary opinion. It means I take no stock in your opinion and it’s unnecessary noise.”

Sadly, the trolls won’t let up where Whitney is concerned. She recently posted a photo of herself and her boyfriend to celebrate his birthday.

whitney way thore instagram comments

Fans accused her of Photoshopping the photo to make herself appear thinner. Other commenters criticized her for betraying the values that she’s championed for many years.

To prove she doesn’t digitally manipulate her pictures, Whitney decided to show haters exactly where the photo came from. She posted a screenshot of her camera roll.

Whitney used the caption to call out her critics. She began: “Sometimes the internet KILLS ME. In my last post, I was trying to celebrate my boo’s birthday (thank you for all the sweet compliments and birthday wishes for @severinbro7!) but I keep seeing accusations of me using photoshop.”

She continued: “I’m not sorry my face doesn’t always look as fat as you want it to. I will never, NEVER manipulate my photos digitally to make myself look thinner. So here ya go, straight from the camera roll. You’re welcome for the cleavage pic, too.”

It’s great to see Whitney stand up to her haters. Despite having a number of detractors, Whitney has always been true to herself and her fans.