White Woman Calls Cops On Black Neighbors For Building A Patio In Their Backyard

by Amy Paige
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Fareed and Norrinda Hayat, both lawyers from Montclair, New Jersey, got into a heated confrontation during which the police were, once again, used as a weapon against Black people.

The Hayats were on their property when one of their female neighbors arrived to confront them over the small patio they were building in their own backyard.

The woman angrily accused Fareed and Norrinda of not having a permit to build the patio, and therefore accused them of breaking the law.

As more neighbors congregated outside to watch the argument unfold, the woman became more irate and said she “needed an officer.”

By this point, everything was being recorded by the Hayats — and they captured the moment the woman called 911 and accused Fareed of putting his hands on her and pushing her 10 feet.

“I didn’t put my hands on you, woman,” Fareed said. Thankfully, his neighbors were there to back him up and dispute her claims.

In the clip below, the Hayats speak publicly about the incident outside of their home.

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