Couple Buys White Van Off Craigslist For $22,000 Only For Cops To Say It’s A Stolen Vehicle

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

When buying anything online, it’s best to be absolutely certain that you’re buying from a real person and that the item really is for sale.

But scammers seem to be getting smarter and smarter: They’re seeking new and improved ways to get better at their game, and they are finding ways to get the legitimate paperwork to fool unsuspecting families and get them to rent houses or buy cars.

Unfortunately, that’s what happened to one couple, who poured $22,000 of their savings down the drain by “purchasing” a white van off Craigslist.

The West Covina, California, couple didn’t want to be identified by name or face, but they were willing to share their story. They say that they purchased the white van from a man who was advertising on Craigslist, and the man was able to produce what they thought was legitimate paperwork for the vehicle.

During the transaction, bank employees warned them that making a cash transfer this large could be risky, but they were convinced that it was a legitimate deal.

They took the car home, but the same night, it disappeared.

They called the cops, who told them that they had become the victims of scammers who were using rental cars to “sell” to strangers, then taking them back once they received their money.

The couple is still looking for answers but also hopes that no one else falls into this kind of trap.

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