Rare White Lion Cub Tries To Make His First Roar, Gives Out A Tiny Squeak Instead

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

Being the baby in the house can sometimes be frustrating. You can’t do all of the other things the older guys can do, be it because of your stature or simply because you’re too young.

For instance, you can’t reach the cookie jar, and you certainly can’t pour your own milk to dip those faraway cookies into.

These little lion cubs are trying to be like mom and dad, but they’re still just too small to do everything that mom and dad can do. They are, however, going to grow up to help preserve their very rare genes.

The three of these sweet big cats are some of just about 100 of their kind that are left on this planet. Being a white lion does not mean they are albino, as they do have pigment in their eyes, and you can see a bit of brown in some spots on their coat.

It is a less extreme genetic mutation that causes the coloration on these little cubs and their parents.

When one of them tries to let out a roar like mom and dad, the result is quite a bit less than intimidating. This toothless baby can hardly even let out a squeak, let alone a mighty roar!

Looks like he’s going to have to wait a bit before he’s able to scare off any potential predators, not that he will face any under the protection of the Taigan Lion Safari Park. These babies will grow up to be mighty, yet!

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