White Dog Names: 100 Best Names For White Dogs

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Did you recently get a white dog? Or are you planning to have a white dog join your family? Choosing a name for a dog can be a difficult process.

While you may want to pick a name that’s easy to pronounce when calling your dog in the park, you also want a name that represents your puppy and their character. These are all great white dog names for males and females.

A good place to start looking for the perfect dog name is a list of names that match your dog’s shiny white coat. So we’ve handpicked a list of the 100 best white dog names – for males and females, big and small. For each one, we’ve included a definition and characteristics to ensure you find the one that matches your beloved pet perfectly.

You can always try calling your white dog by one of these names to see if it’s the right fit. After all, you want to choose a name your dog will love just as much as you do! If you don’t find the perfect name here, take a look at our Black-And-White Dog Names list.

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Dog names for white fur

1. Anjo – Means “angel” in Portuguese. Isn’t it beautiful?
2. Alaska – Ideal for a husky, malamute, or Siberian shepherd.
3. Angel – Perfect for a fluffy dog of calm character.
4. Arctic – Good for any dog from a colder climate.
5. Artemis – After the Greek goddess.
6. Aspen – After the snowy mountains in Colorado. This name also has a beautiful ring to it.
7. Avalanche – Perfect for a big white dog that is full of energy.
8. Bear – Ideal for a white fluffy dog, especially cute if he or she is on the small side.
9. Beluga – After the type of white whale.
10. Bianco – Means “white” in Italian and has an elegant ring to it.
11. Blanco – Also means “white,” in Spanish, with a similar elegance.
12. Blizzard – Perfect for a white dog of any size that’s full of energy.
13. Blondie – Ideal for a happy-go-lucky white dog.
14. Bolt – After the title character from the Disney movie Bolt.
15. Buttermilk – Could mix well with the personality of a small, cuddly white dog.

Dog name for big white dog

16. Carnation – After the flower, or the brand of “instant” milk. Both work for a sweet white puppy.
17. Casper – For the cute ghost character.
18. Chalky – Good for a white dog of any size and character.
19. Champagne – Ideal for a white Pomeranian.
20. Chardonnay – Perfect for any white dog, as long as the owner enjoys wine!
21. Cloudy – Great for a white dog on the fluffier side.
22. Coconut – Amazing name for a white Chihuahua.
23. Comet – Mysterious, beautiful name for any elegant white dog.
24. Cotton – Cute for a small white dog with thick fur.
25. Creamer – Great for any white dog.
26. Cream Puff – A cute name that’s only missing some powdered sugar on top!
27. Crystal – Gorgeous name for a white dog with a calm demeanor.
28. Custard – Silly name for a silly puppy!
29. Daisy – Great name for a white female puppy.
30. Dazzle – Ideal for a small, possibly fluffy dog — as long as it is full of energy!

Dog name for white puppy

31. Diamond – Perfect for a small white lapdog.
32. Dogbert – After the dog from the cartoon “Dilbert.”
33. Dove – A great name for a small white dog.
34. Egret – After a tall, lanky white bird.
35. Ermine – After the fur of a cute, short-tailed weasel.
36. Fairy – Great for a female family dog.
37. Feather – Perfect for a small white lapdog.
38. Fluffy – A classic name for (what else?) a fluffy white dog!
39. Gardenia – After the beautiful flower.
40. Gelo – Means “ice” in Portuguese.
41. Ghost – Could be a mysterious name for a white dog. Or it could be a winking tribute to Game of Thrones.
42. Glacier – Perfect for any dog from a colder climate.
43. Golf Ball – Ideal for a tiny white Chihuahua or a fluffy Pomeranian.
44. Grizzly – Awesome for a huge, furry white dog.
45. Iceberg – Great for a white dog of any size.

Names for white dogs

46. Icy – Especially cute for a smaller white puppy.
47. Igloo – Perfect for huskies or malamutes.
48. Ivory – Great name for a white female dog.
49. Jack Frost – After the wintry expression, or the supernaturally-gifted character from the animated film Rise of the Guardians.
50. Jasmine – After a white flower, or the princess from Disney’s Aladdin.
51. Kaya – Awesome-sounding name that means “pure” in Greek.
52. Lightning – Great for a white dog that is full of energy.
53. Lily – After a beautiful water flower.
54. Luna – The word for “moon” in Italian and Spanish.
55. Magnolia – An elegant name, after an elegant flower.
56. Marshmallow – Perfect for a huge fluffy dog.
57. Marzipan – Or ‘Marzi’ for short!
58. Mayo – Silly name for a silly puppy.
59. Milky – Another classic for any white dog.
60. Milky Way – After the galaxy that contains our solar system — or the sweet treat.

White dog names list

61. Misty – Great name for a wolf dog.
62. Mojito – Another name that’s perfect for a Chihuahua or a Pomeranian.
63. Moon Moon – Or  just ‘Moon’ for short. Inspired the internet meme depicting a clumsy wolf.
64. Moonshine – Great for a dog whose owners have a good sense of humor.
65. Mr. Peabody – After the dog character from the animated film Mr. Peabody & Sherman.
66. Mushroom – Great, silly name for a smaller white puppy.
67. Nimbus – After a luminous cloud — or halo. Great-sounding name!
68. Nova – Or ‘Supernova.’ A great name for a dog whose owners appreciate the beauty of space.
69. Opal – An elegant name for a white dog.
70. Pearl – Another elegant name for a particularly distinguished white dog.
71. Peony – After a pinkish-white flower.
72. Phlox – Also after a flower. Check out its “White Delight” variety. This name also sounds pretty futuristic.
73. Popcorn – Another silly name for a silly white dog.
74. Polar – A great name for a husky, malamute or Siberian shepherd.
75. Puff – Cute name for a fluffy white dog.

Dog name for large white dog

76. Puro – Means “pure” in Portuguese.
77. Quartz – A fancy name for a white dog.
78. Rice Cake – Everyone loves a good rice cake!
79. Sands – A name that sounds really cool.
80. Shimmer – A beautiful name for any white dog.
81. Siberia – After the area in Russia that’s impossibly cold yet magically white with snow.
82. Sirius – After a White Dwarf star. Another good name for those who appreciate the beauty of space.
83. Smoke – Gorgeous and mysterious name for a big white dog.
84. Snoopy – After Charlie Brown’s best friend and everyone’s favorite character from “Peanuts.”
85. Snowball – Perfect for a white Pomeranian!
86. Snowdrop – Ideal for a small puppy.
87. Snowflake – Great for a female lapdog.
88. Snow White – Another great name for a family dog, after the Disney princess.
89. Snowy – Cute and simple, and goes well with any white dog.
90. Sparkle – Perfect for a cute white lapdog.

Dog names for small white dogs

91. Stardust – Another name for a white dog that’s inspired by the beauty of our galaxy.
92. Starlight – Yet another cosmic name for a white dog.
93. Sugar – Cute name for a sweet white puppy.
94. Swan – Great name for a lean, white female dog.
95. Tofu – Super-cute name for a small white doggy.
96. Vanilla – Tasty name for any female white dog.
97. Vapor – Cool name for a white dog of any size.
98. Winter – Perfect for a dog of colder climate.
99. Yogurt – One more silly name for a silly puppy.
100. Yuki – Awesome-sounding name that means either “happiness” or “snow” in Japanese, depending on how you pronounce it!

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