These Elegant Homemade ‘Candles’ Are Entirely Edible And Filled With White Chocolate Mousse

by Jess Catcher
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I love the classic, romantic look of candles melting in the center of a dinner table. It really adds the perfect touch of charm to make any meal just a little bit more special.

The candles below, however, would be an even more delightful addition to your next date night. I honestly thought they were real candles when I scrolled by them, but they’re actually totally edible! Ann Reardon, the baker behind YouTube channel How To Cook That, shows how to mold white chocolate into the traditional shape for an easy and elegant dessert.

Essentially, Reardon creates chocolate cups and fills each one with a yummy, gooey white chocolate mousse before adding ordinary birthday candles to the center.

She then places them on a candelabra, but they would look just as fancy on an ordinary plate!

Take a look below to see the simple steps she uses for the outer chocolate mold before hitting the video for Reardon’s delicious mousse recipe.

Start by wrapping a bottle about the size you’d like your faux candles to be in a firm plastic sheet. You can find these at most craft stores.

Once you have it fully wrapped, use tape to secure the ends together.

Next, take some tempered white chocolate and carefully line the inside of the plastic cylinder. If you need tips on how to temper chocolate, check out Reardon’s YouTube channel for more info!

Once it’s dry, she recommends shining a flashlight through the middle to spy any weak spots that need a second coat of chocolate.

For the base, smooth out more chocolate onto wax paper, and tap it a few times on a flat surface to really even everything out.

Wait for it to firm up a bit, but not completely, and then cut out your circles for the base.

Combine the two chocolate pieces by heating up a stove pot or pan, and then melt the bottom of your cylinder slightly, making it adhere to the base.

Then, you’ll need to gather your ingredients for the mousse: sugar and water mixed in a saucepan, four egg yolks, and about 2 ½ cups of cream.

Hit play on the clip below to see all the steps in action, and follow along as she whips up the scrumptious filling before carefully pouring it into the cups. Reardon also has some handy tips for trimming the wax on your candle in order to make it easier to light.

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