Mom Of 3 Boys Sees Blue Balloons In Gender Reveal, Has No Idea Real Surprise Is Still In The Box

by Nicoletta Richardson

There is nothing like sharing milestone news surrounded by your friends and family.

Whether it’s a graduation or a touching proposal that gets the tears flowing — just like this one at Disney World where the girl is surprised not only by the ring, but by her family members watching — it’s always a surreal feeling to witness an amazing event happen to someone you hold close to your heart.

Mom and Dad were expecting their fourth child together, so they decided to do a baby’s gender reveal in front of their family with a box on October 26, 2015.

The couple stood at the front of the room with one in front of them, listening to their loved ones yell out what they think the baby might be.

Then it was time for the big unveil. As seen in the clip, they start to open the large box, and it doesn’t take long for blue balloons to quickly float to the ceiling — but that’s not where this tale ends.

A couple of white balloons follow the massive bunch of blue, and Mom grabs ahold of them, trying to figure out what the symbolism behind it is. But Dad knows exactly what to do, and quickly moves the box out of the way, shocking the entire room with what he does next! For more information, take a look at her Facebook page.

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