They’re Calling This ‘The World’s Hardest Word Search.’ But Can You Find The Hidden Dog?

by Paul Morris
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Word searches are usually a fun way to spend time while forcing your brain to think critically, but this particular word search is being called one of the hardest out there!

It might seem simple at first: there are only three letters repeated throughout this entire thing, but within the first few seconds it’ll cause your eyes to see double and your brain to check out. Unless you get lucky and just come across the answer, the only way to properly figure this word search out is just by going through each individual letter until you finally come across the hidden “dog!

We have the answer below to this fun brainteaser, but do your best to find the hidden dog, and be honest when you let us know how long it took until you found it yourself!

Were you able to find the hidden dog or did you give up like we did?

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The first word we spotted was “good.” And while every dog is good, the mission here is to find the hidden “dog!”

In fact, people have been staring at this word search for so long without finding the hidden “dog” that they’ve started to think it’s a trick. They break the rules and say it’s simply the word “dog” at the top and bottom of the search.

But we can assure you, there is a hidden “dog” within the word search!

Americans love their dogs, but when it comes to searching for them in a word search, a lot have giving up!

The picture of the word search first showed up on Reddit. While some people were having trouble, a few Reddit users offered some valuable advice for solving any word search.

If you follow Reddit user JeremyR22’s advice, can you find the hidden “dog” as fast as he apparently could?

The answer is below, but please let us know how long it took you to find the hidden “dog!”


There it is! And an even better realization is that if you keep going down, “dog” can also technically be “doggo,” which is just too cute!

How long did it take you to find this hidden “dog?” Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

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