Here’s Why You Should Never, Ever Throw Out Bacon Grease

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Frying up a batch of bacon in the morning means you’re in for a delicious breakfast and some mouth-watering smells that will fill up your home.

But after you’ve enjoyed your delicious pork parts, what do you do with the bacon grease left behind in the pan?

While some may look for ways to reuse bacon grease, others may want to dispose of the fat before they get too tempted by it. If you have hot bacon grease sitting in your pan, it’s important to learn how to properly dispose of it without ruining the pipes in your sink. But if you choose instead to put it to good to use, we’ve got a list of the best recipes using bacon grease as well.

In this article we will let you in on our gathered knowledge and tell you exactly what to do with that leftover bacon grease! Check down below learn how to properly dispose of it, or jump ahead to all the yummy bacon grease recipes.

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How To Dispose Of Bacon Grease

If you don’t want to keep the leftover bacon grease, then it’s important that you get rid of it correctly.

Do not pour bacon grease down the drain! This will clog the pipes over time.

Instead, wait for it to solidify and throw it out with your regular garbage. If the grease does not seem to be hardening even when refrigerated, pour it into a sealable bottle and then throw it out with your regular garbage.

How Do You Store Bacon Grease?

As soon as you are done frying your bacon, strain the leftover bacon grease through a cheesecloth, a strainer, or a paper towel. This will make sure the solid bits of bacon get left out, making your bacon grease last much longer.

Once it has cooled off a little, pour it into a sealable container (such as a jar or a can), and place it in the fridge.

For longer storage you can freeze your bacon grease in cubes, which will make seasoning your future meals much easier.

How Long Does Bacon Grease Last?

Different sources explain that bacon grease can last anywhere from one month to two years, as long as it’s refrigerated. But to be completely honest, no one has kept it long enough to find out!

As long as you make sure to strain out all of the solid bits from your bacon grease and you keep the container shut when it’s refrigerated, you can remain confident that your bacon grease will be long gone before its “use by” date.

Uses For Bacon Grease

The liquid treasure that is bacon grease can be used in more ways than you expect! Not only can you add the glorious flavor of bacon to just about any meal, you can also craft things from it.

We have collected 24 recipes using bacon grease to make amazing dishes, as well as 10 other creative uses for it.

So grab that tub of bacon fat and let’s get to work!


1. Chicken Alfredo With Bacon-y Undertones

Chicken alfredo with bacon grease

Everyone loves a rich and creamy chicken Alfredo, and I bet you didn’t think it was possible to make it better. Well, think again as you read this Damn Delicious recipe.

2. Greens That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Salad with bacon grease inside

Greens may not be the most exciting part of the meal for many people. But they probably haven’t tried this Magic Greens recipe on Bon Appétit.

3. Bacon Grease Cornbread – A New Edition Of The Classic

Cornbread with bacon grease inside

Local Milk has a simple way to put a flavorsome twist on a classic cornbread by adding some bacon grease.

4. Killer Spinach Salad With Hot Bacon Dressing

Salad with bacon grease dressing

If you’re not a fan of salads, my friend, this will change your mind. The hot bacon dressing in this recipe from How Sweet It Is is to die for.

5. Bleu Cheese And Bacon Cake

Cake with bacon grease inside

Not so much a cake as it is a luxury on a plate. See for yourself at The Brewer & The Baker!

6. Improved Potato Salad

Bacon grease potato salad

A more exciting potato salad that is bursting with bacon-y flavors. Perfect for a summer picnic! Find the recipe at Brown Eyed Baker.

7. Bacon Coleslaw

Bacon grease coleslaw stir fry

The Real Food Guide has another example of taking a pretty unexciting dish and turning it around. This coleslaw would make a great addition to your picnic basket.

8. Mashed Potato Pancakes

Potato pancakes with bacon grease

A simple recipe by How Sweet It Is that is improved infinitely just by adding some good ole bacon grease.

9. Roasted Potatoes Made Fancy

Potatoes covered in bacon grease

A simple twist on a classic side dish that will leave you wanting more. Skip the bacon bits and try bacon grease with this Epicurious recipe.

10. Bacon Pancakes

Pancakes with bacon grease inside

Pancakes that are bursting with the flavor of bacon. Your two favorite breakfast dishes are combined in this recipe by Mark’s Daily Apple.

11. Bacon Asparagus Pasta

Asparagus pasta made with bacon grease

Everyone knows that bacon and asparagus get along amazingly! This Gimme Some Oven recipe only uses five ingredients, because the bacon grease makes it that good.

12. Kimchi and Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Bacon grease and kimchi grilled cheese

Taking a pretty impressive sandwich and making it even better with some simple bacon grease. Find the recipe at Closet Cooking.


13. Bacon And Bourbon Ice Cream

Bourbon ice cream with bacon grease

Yup, you read that right. One of the best ice-cream flavors out there. Try this Food Network recipe, and you’ll see why.

14. Bacon Milk Shake

Milk shake with bacon grease inside

Sounds weird to put bacon grease in a milk shake, but it somehow works. Get the recipe at Bacon Today!

15. Bacon Fat Popcorn

Popcorn covered in bacon grease

One of our all-time favorites! Check out the recipe at The Kitchn.

16. Bacon Gingersnaps

Gingersnap cookies with bacon grease inside

An unconventional way to spice up gingersnaps. Find the recipe at Leite’s Culinaria.

17. Bacon Fat Caramels

Caramel candies made with bacon grease

Tastes much better than it sounds… Check it out at The Cooking of Joy and taste for yourself!

18. Brownies With Bacon Fat

Bacon grease brownies

Definitely an interesting way to improve a classic brownie recipe — but it really works! Find the recipe on She Eats.

19. Bacon Fat Biscuits

Biscuits bakes with bacon grease

Domestic Fits‘ recipe is perfect for breakfast or an in-between-meal.


20. Baconnaise

Bacon grease mayonnaise

Once you try it homemade you will have no idea how you survived so long without it. See it at Maria Mind Body Health.

21. Chipotle BBQ Bacon Sauce

Barbeque sauce with bacon grease

Grilling Companion’s barbecue sauce with the flavor of bacon? Yum.


22. Homemade Bacon Crackers

Crackers baked with bacon grease

Simple, easy, and quick to make. Perfect for that guilty snacking! Get the recipe at Bon Appétit.

23. Bacon Tortillas

Homemade tortillas with bacon grease

Domestic Fits takes a wonderful thing like tortillas and improves it with bacon grease. There’s no way to go wrong!


24. Bacon-Infused Bourbon

Bourbon infused with bacon grease

I can already see your eyes widening at this one, but it works! Be brave, and give it a try at The Marvelous Misadventures Of A Foodie.

Other Uses For Bacon Grease

1. Make A Fire Starter

Grab a paper cup, a paper towel and your leftover bacon grease. Put the cup steadily on a table, place the paper towel inside it, and carefully pour the bacon grease in.

Make sure the grease fully soaks through the paper towel! Once done, refrigerate the cup until it’s needed.

2. Remove A Splinter

If you’ve got a splinter that is hard to get out, don’t panic. Clean the area around the splinter, gently rub some bacon grease on it, put a bandage on, and leave it overnight.

The skin will soften while you sleep and let the splinter come out easier on its own.

3. Make A Candle

Grab a clean jar, a natural fiber wick, a toothpick, and your bacon grease. Pour the bacon grease into the jar, partially submerge the fiber wick into the grease and suspend the other end of it on a toothpick.

Place it in the refrigerator for half an hour, and voila! You have yourself a homemade candle.

4. Make A Bird Feeder

Grab a pinecone and cover it with bacon grease. While it’s still sticky, pour some seeds over it. Put a string through the pinecone and hang it outside. Soon you’ll have a ton of new winged friends!

5. Cleaning Paint And Tar Off Skin

If you have ever redecorated your house, you will know how messy it can be! After a whole day of painting the walls, it can be hard to find a clean patch of skin on your body.

No worries, though, as bacon grease is an ideal way to get paint and tar off the skin with no effort at all. Simply rub it gently on affected areas until it comes off.

6. Water Repellent For Your Boots

If your old boots have started letting water seep inside, simply grab your leftover bacon grease and cover them with a nice layer.

The bacon grease won’t make your boots completely waterproof, but it will make them much more water-resistant!

7. Oil For the Hinges

Put some bacon grease onto a rag and rub all of the squeaky hinges around your house. This will give them the much-needed oiling, and they will work as good as new!

8. Bug Trap

If your outside area is always swarming with flies, mosquitoes and other kinds of nasty bugs, this solution will be perfect for you!

Grab a plastic container, pour the bacon grease in, and mix it with a tiny bit of vegetable oil (to make the mixture sticky rather than solid). Place it outside on the table and watch the air get clearer!

The smell of bacon will attract the bugs to the container, and the consistency of bacon grease will keep them trapped as soon as they land.

9. Moisturizer For Dry Heels

If you have really dry and cracked heels, grab some bacon grease and rub it into them before bed. Put some socks on and leave it overnight. In the morning, your heels should be much softer.

10. Self-Seasoning Iron Pan

Take your iron pan and cover it with bacon grease. Put it into a hot oven for a few hours. Take it out, cover it with bacon grease once more and put it back into the oven for a few more hours.

Repeat the process until your iron pan has a beautiful non-stick surface.

From now on, everything you cook in this iron pan will automatically be seasoned with the gorgeous flavor of bacon!

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