Philosopher Jason Silva Explains What Creativity And Inspiration Actually Are

by Paul Morris
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For centuries now, the world’s greatest artists have always humbly credited their masterpieces as the creations of something bigger than themselves.

Depending on their personal religious beliefs, artists, composers, and writers have given the credit not to their own minds, but to whatever higher power they believed in.

The idea is that there is a collective consciousness out there, and that creativity and inspiration aren’t things that someone can own for themselves, but that the best anyone can do is become an instrument through which the power of inspiration flows from.

It makes sense: Time and time again people will create very similar inventions halfway around the world without knowledge of the other’s work.

Whether it be the invention of calculus by two different men, or the building of pyramids in Egypt and the ancient Mayans, there is just something out there in the universe that flows through us all.

Anyone who is inspired by this “muse” is simply lucky enough to see that distant invention and bring it back to humanity. Creativity comes through you but not from you; though it is with you, it belongs not to you. Humans are merely transcribing what we’re seeing.

Watch the video below for philosopher Jason Silva’s amazing explanation on the poetry of every moment of our lives on this amazing planet.

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