Man Tells Ellen He Canceled Dinner With Wife To Spend 8 Hours On A Boat Trying To Save A Whale

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

There is a greater initiative to protect our oceans and the animals living in them. Only now we are beginning to understand the effects human activities have on the creatures deep below the water’s surface.

Fishing nets are particularly hazardous to these animals because they can unintentionally ensnare all kinds of species, both big and small. Sea turtles, whose numbers are dwindling every year, are often trapped, as are whales, who are weighed down by the heavy ropes.

Captain Dave Anderson explained to Ellen DeGeneres that one time he was forced to cancel dinner with his wife to save a gray whale stuck in netting off the coast of California.

He and his team went out onto the water to attach a buoy to the whale so that they could find him in the morning. At daylight, they went back out with supplies and spent about eight hours slowly trying to unravel the netting from around his tail.

Just when they thought that they were going to lose daylight, the whale managed to break free by diving deep. He resurfaced, seemingly just to thank all the members of the crew who helped save him from certain death.

Watch the clip below to see footage from the extraordinary rescue and to hear this hero’s story!

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Photos: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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