Massive 50,000-Pound Humpback Whale Protects Diver After Sensing A 15-Foot Shark In The Water

by Kate Taylor
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Swimming with wild animals isn’t the type of thing everyone is brave enough to do — especially if it’s a 50,000-pound humpback whale that could hurt you with a flick of his tail.

However, swimming with giant marine mammals is all in a day’s work for whale biologist Nan Hauser.

In October 2017, Nan was doing some work in the Cook Islands off the South Pacific, where humpback whales can be found.

The marine biologist was getting up close and personal with a huge humpback that kept nudging her with his nose for what Nan said was about 10 minutes.

The action was clearly not violent, and the huge creature was taking care to be gentle with the comparably smaller biologist. When Nan looked around, she noticed that there was a 15-foot tiger shark in the vicinity, and that the whale was trying to shield her from it.

She also explained that another whale, not seen in the video below, was using his tail to bat the shark away.

Marine biologists have long thought that whales have a protective instinct for other creatures. Stunningly enough, this is the first instance of that instinct being caught on film — and of it being used to protect a human!

Watch the video below and you’ll even notice the whale peeking out of the water to make sure Nan got back to the boat safely. Please SHARE this video with your friends on Facebook!

Thumbnail Photos: Caters // Wikimedia Commons / Kok

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